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There’s Still Time to Enter My “Children’s Book Review Lottery!”

As I haven’t received any entries as of yet, I’m extending the deadline for entries for this, my second, “Children’s Book Review Lottery.” All entries need to be in by midnight Wednesday, November 25th 2020.

On Thanksgiving, I will be selecting at random one entry to purchase and review. Entrants can be picture books, early chapter, chapter books, or middle grade books. At the end of the month I will post my review to Amazon, Goodreads, WordPress, Twitter and Instagram (story). I will only post a review if I feel comfortable giving it 3 stars or more. If I feel that the book deserves less than 3 stars, I will send my review directly to the author and ask if they still want me to post it on Amazon (only).

All that’s left for you to do is to enter. Just leave the title of your book, a link to it and a compelling blurb in the comments at the end of this post. In order for your entry to qualify you need all three requirements. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to get your book more visibility!

You have to be in it to win it!

Looking forward to reading your books!

10 thoughts on “There’s Still Time to Enter My “Children’s Book Review Lottery!””

  1. Such a cool idea! LET’S EAT! MEALTIME AROUND THE WORLD, by Lynne Marie Dig in to this fun and informational book that explores foods from 13 countries around the world. Meet characters from countries including Sweden, Peru, Pakistan, Nigeria, and more as they enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be inspired to try something new and learn about other cultures. Let’s eat!


  2. THE STAR IN THE CHRISTMAS PLAY by Lynne Marie. All of the savanna animals are excited to audition for the school Christmas Play, except Raffi the giraffe. He’s too tall to play baby Jesus, or Joseph, or even a manger animal. He feels discouraged, until he realizes that he’s just the right size to play the most important part.

    This endearing Christmas story for ages 4 to 8 will resonate with children who are still learning to be comfortable in their own skin. – Thanks for doing this!


  3. THE GIRL FROM THE ATTIC by Marie Prins, Common Deer Press, a time-travel mid-grade novel.
    Maddy Rose lives in two worlds. A hundred years apart. In the same strange house built as an octagon. When a mysterious black cat leads her into its unknown attic, she meets Clare and his very sick sister Eva. Together Maddy and Clare jump into a money-making scheme in his uncle’s dangerous soap factory to buy a cure for Eva. But an unexpected tragedy befalls them. And then Maddy is pulled back into her own time to confront the premature birth of her own sister. Will Maddy be able to deal with hardships of two lives? Will the skills she learned in the past help her solve the problems of the present? Can the strange shape of the house make a difference? As the Girl from the Attic, Maddy must rise to the challenges of both worlds in order to find her own place in the life of the octagon.


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