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Children’s Book Review Lottery #2

#SupportanAuthor #WriteaReview

I’m happy to announce that I’m hosting my second “Children’s Book Review Lottery”.

Writers and illustrators all need support. Often, as writers when we think of support we think of critique groups, mentors, societies, guilds, conferences, etc. But another area in which we need support involves the giving of and the receiving of reviews. And now, with all that we’re going through, support is all that more important.

I’ve heard it said that it takes 50 reviews, good or bad, to get your title to pop up with the marketing tags of, “Customers who viewed this item also viewed this . . .” My “Children’s Book Review Lottery” is a way of offering that support.

Entrants can be picture books, early chapter, chapter books, or middle grade books. For my first lottery I only had two entrants and was able to offer reviews of both of their titles, but due to increasing time constraints I will only be able to choose one winner per lottery.

At the end of the month I will post my review to Amazon, Goodreads, WordPress, Twitter and Instagram (story). I will only post a review if I feel comfortable giving it 3 stars or more. If I feel that the book deserves less than 3 stars, I will send my review directly to the author and ask if they still want me to post it on Amazon (only). I hope to host “Children’s Book Review Lotteries” as often as time and money will allow.

All that’s left for you to do is to enter. Just leave the title of your book, a link to it and a compelling blurb in the comments at the end of this blog post. In order for your entry to qualify you need all three requirements. The deadline for entry is midnight Sunday Nov. 23, 2020. I will let you know personally if your book has been chosen.

I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing your book!


2 thoughts on “Children’s Book Review Lottery #2”

  1. Hi Jan, I would love a review 🙂


    Putting Daddy to bed can be hard work. Especially when he starts crying! This story will show you how to wrestle your daddy into his pajamas and read just one more bedtime story. “I’m thirrrrrrrrssssssty,” says Daddy. “I need to poop … I’m hungry … But I’ll miss you,” he says, while he looks at you with cutie eyes. You’ll have to battle the bedtime excuses and use go-away monster spray until Daddy finally goes to sleep. Bedtime can be a mission for many, but with these gorgeous illustrations of a little bear and his dad, this is the perfect role-reversal bedtime story to help put any fussy child to bed in a fun and positive way. Full of heart and humour, Bedtime, Daddy! is for anyone who wants to try and put a grown-up to bed.

    Thank you for your generosity 🙂


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