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How Do You Choose What You Read?

Is it by genre? Author? The front cover? The back cover? The inside jacket? The first line? The last line? I heard you gasp. I did too, when my friend told me she did that. Is it a mix of a few of those? I’m curious to know.

This is the book
I’m reading right now.

Myself, I most often go by genre (historical fiction, mystery is a big draw for me too) and the first line or more like it the first paragraph (I’m not a fan of first person even though I write a blog in first person). What can I say? I’m consistently inconsistent.

One of my favorite type of book is a book about a book or books, bookshops, libraries, bookmobiles, anything bibliophile. They are my go to comfort reads and if they have a bit of a mystery in them so much the better. Books about books are like the smile that comes to my face when I’ve run into a good friend. Here are a few that I own, there are more but I couldn’t find them in my stacks. Also, there are bunches that I borrowed from the library, but had to return.

For children, I go by the interest of the child. And more often than not, I choose brand new books that’ve just come out, as they may be more familiar to the child. A recently debuted book, Trucker and Train, illustrated by Bob Kolar and written by Hannah Stark, who I was privileged to get to know through an online critique group, will soon be gifted to my grandnephew who’ll be turning four.

My grand nephew will love this sweet story about Trucker and Train. No spoilers, you’ll have to buy the book.

How do you chose what you read? How do you choose what the children in your life read? Let me know. I’m curious.

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