A Little Help from Friends Goes a Long Way!

I was struck this week at how supportive the writing community is. I’d say not a day or at least not a week goes by on Twitter without positive shoutouts that range from book birthday congratulations to representation celebrations. And even when something negative such as a rejection is posted and shared it’s overpowered by the positive support that people who are connected reach out to provide.

On a smaller scale, critique groups provide similar supports. I’m very lucky to be part of two amazingly supportive critique groups that give me face-to-face or sometimes e-mail-to-e-mail support. Through life’s ups and downs, I can count on them to hear me out, see my words, and give me something to think about and I hope I do the same for them. We’re more than critique partners. We’re friends who can critically review each others work and provide compass point suggestions that help lead each other toward creating our best work. Through sharing our passions we’ve formed strong connections that became the bedrock of our friendships.

Right now my groups haven’t been meeting as much as we used to due to a couple of my friends health issues, and time constraints. But even shooting an e-mail off to share baby steps on projects helps us to keep motivated, and sustained. I don’t know where I’d be without them, but I know if I ever needed them they’d be there for me and I for them.

Writing no matter the genre, is most often a solitary expression. The writer lives inside their thoughts beside their doubts. And to put yourself out there, to share what comes from your heart is scary. But with a little help from friends we can do anything we set out to.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Stephen and Fionnuala Black from the Fractured Faith Blog put it best . . .

“So keep writing, reading and listening. Find your people, tribe, whatever you wish to call them. Form connections that will sustain mutually and carry you through the times of hesitation and doubt. They are out there, waiting for you, needing you. Just as you need them. Feed off one another and grow as an artist and a person. There is always someone out there who needs your words. Today.”

You can do this! Keep at It!

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