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There’s Still Time . . .

Oval, the main character in It Takes All Sorts, a tactile book my husband and I created, went to the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky and quickly came back again. Oval’s trip was only a month from start to finish, cut short by the uptick in the Delta variant of Covid 19 which caused the 2021 Typhlo & Tactus Tactile Book Contest to be postponed.

But, on a positive note, the fact that the contest was delayed will allow more time for interested creators to get involved in making tactile books. They are much needed!

Picture books are beautiful creations for children with typical vision. Tactile picture books provide the opportunity for children with atypical vision, or no vision, to enjoy the art of picture books. Tactile book images provide textural art and design along with text.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

So, if you’re a book lover, a book creator, a word dabbler, a sensory artist, or a bit of all those descriptions, please enter the 2022 Typhlo & Tactus Contest!

This contest is international in scope and anyone who develops a book prototype can enter. The book doesn’t have to be an original tale, it can be a favorite story of yours that you adapt with tactile illustrations.

The general requirements for the book prototypes are that they have large type 16pt. or more, with interesting multi-sensory tactile elements that encourage manipulation and allow for interaction. Braille can be provided by your country’s sponsor of the contest.

Each of the 23 countries that participate has its own sponsor. In the United States, its APH or American Printing House for the Blind. The winning entries of the sponsoring country go on to the international competition. If you’d like to view some of the past winning entries check out this link. and for a list of the specific requirements for entries check out this link.

I hope you enter!


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