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Spring Cleaning

It finally feels like Spring has sprung.

That’s a good thing, as far as the weather goes, but I’m not a fan of the pollen.

And this year’s Spring has so far been, for me, particularly sneezy, and eye itchy.

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My other Spring complaint, and then I’ll stop,

is the need to switch out Winter clothes for Spring clothes.

This Sunday not only did I do that,

but I chose the same day to switch to out to a new laptop

(a very nice surprise mother’s day gift).

I thought I was getting a ream of computer paper. (I do use lot of it.)

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Anyway, I’m writing this blog from my old reliable,

though outdated laptop because,

nothing is easy.

It could have been,

if I had wanted to transfer all my old files,

all my iterations of revised manuscripts,

but I didn’t so . . . its a work in progress.

On the upside,

I’m now ready for warmer weather without the pollen,

and I’m closer to having an updated laptop.

All in all, a pretty good weekend effort.

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