Daffodils, Day off, free time, mindfulness, Recharge

The First Day of a Week Off!

Boy, oh boy, have I been looking forward to this week!

This past Monday was lovely. Perfectly lazy. No alarms, my bedroom already

filled with sun when I opened my eyes.

The only to do was to get dressed for the day, and then only if I wanted to.


Leisurely enjoyed coffee along with a few chapters of my latest read.

Is this allowed?

Some creative time to work on my current writing project.

No rush, no set stop time. Bliss.

A brisk walk for our dog. The sun was bright, and the

temperature a bit chilly. Refreshing.

She’s wiped out!

Spring slowly, but steadily showed itself on our walk. The cheering sights of

budding daffodils and forsythia were proof of that.

Accomplished the edging of our newest puzzle. Yes!

A couple of more chapters.

A bit of a tidy up, as I started to feel a little too lazy.

Oh, how I hope the rest of the days of the week go equally as slow and peaceful as this past

Monday did.

If you’re like me and have this week off, I hope you enjoy your days doing just what you’d like to

and at the speed you prefer.

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