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Making Time for Creativity

The IMAGINARIES Little Scraps of Larger Stories

Last weekend I found the IMAGINARIES Little Scraps of Larger Stories, by Emily Winfield Martin, and published by Random House Children’s Books on my weekly visit to the Children’s Room in my library.

Almost every Saturday, I head to the library to restock on the hot topics (construction trucks, tools, whales) my students are interested in reading, especially my remote students, and I usually leave with a stack of books that include new titles that have piqued my interest. The IMAGINARIES is one of those titles. The author/illustrator created this book from paintings she had done for stories that haven’t yet come to be, along with scraps of paper she found on which short phrases, and sentences were written. In The IMAGINARIES, I recognized the wonder and possibility that taking time for creativity allows, and so I wanted to share it.

Making time for creativity is sometimes very hard to do. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels this way. With all that begs for our attention, whether its our jobs, home, relationships, networking etc., its hard to carve out a time for creative brainstorming. And sometimes we may have the time to be creative, but emotionally, psychologically, or physically we are not feeling “it”.

I have found that just the act of sitting down and looking at an idea I wrote down days before (it might be a phrase or a question or a character’s name) is all I need in order to feel connected and replenished. It’s enough because what follows is that the next day or the day after, I know I will make a creative space and time (an hour, hopefully more) where I can untangle the threads of my thoughts and begin to weave them into something new.

To me, the benefit of a time to think outside the box, to write about what-ifs . . . is as necessary as breathing. I might have to hold my breath for a spell, but the exhale and the answering inhale are worth the wait.

And so today, I wish for you the same wish I’m hoping will come true for me this week; a time for creativity and a space both internally and externally where we can explore it.

2 thoughts on “Making Time for Creativity”

  1. This book looks so lovely, Jan. And you’re so right…it’s so rare I can be creative without pressure. Just for fun. I long for it SO much!g And for some reason, this brought to mind THE MYSTERIES OF HARRIS BURDICK by Chris Van Allsburg. Ever read it? Talk about sparking the imagination! And on its anniversary (25th maybe? can’t remember!), they published THE CHRONICLES OF HARRIS BURDICK in which famous authors (Stephen King, Linda Sue Park, Kate DiCamillo and so many more) wrote stories prompted by the images ❤ ❤ ❤


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