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School’s Out!

Whoo hoo! Yippee! Hooray! Summer’s just ahead which usually means sunshine, beaches, barbecues.

Is anyone else feeling like it doesn’t have the same draw this year? I don’t know about you but, although my state is opening up, I’m not feeling the desire to go to a beach or restaurant half capacity, with social distancing in place, etc. Uh-uh, no thanks, I’ll take a pass.

I’d rather not worry about beach facilities that might not be cleaned properly or wait staff who might not have had time to wipe down salt and pepper shakers or that maybe didn’t clean off a table top surface completely. Not to mention what could happen in the kitchen with the cook and bussing staff. Too many possibilities for oversights and mistakes. And then there’s the people who don’t follow the mandated guidelines. You know they’re out there. Uh-uh, no thanks. I’m going to try to enjoy summer closer to home.

Although I have to say with one college student home for the summer and one HS graduate home there’s already been days when claustrophobia is just about hovering in the air. You can just walk in a room and get the sense you’d better make like a tree and leaf. I’m afraid its going to be a long hot summer.

I hope it turns out better than I expect.

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