birthdays, kindness, pandemic, parade of cars, quarantine, remembering

Celebration Pandemic Style . . .

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. We had a parade to celebrate it. Her daughters organized it and it turned out to be a great way to recognize the day. It was a four wheeled expression of love, of connection, of celebration.

After having Covid-19 herself, and then losing her husband to it a month and a half ago my sister was so touched by the fact that so many of her family, friends and co-workers came out with cars decorated to celebrate her birthday pandemic style.

Music played from car speakers, waves and shout-outs came from sunroofs, and car windows, and confetti shot from poppers out of the back of a pick-up truck. Smiles although covered by masks could still be seen in everybody’s eyes. At times they mixed with tears, but I think everyone came away feeling more upbeat than they had in a while.

Celebrations are hopeful. They are full of love and good wishes. I imagine the positive energy that the celebration of my sisters birthday created must have rippled outward from all the drivers and passengers to my sister and beyond. It made a day in which she was feeling a myriad of mixed emotions into one that she will remember with a smile because of all the love around her.

I wish everyone an opportunity to celebrate.

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