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A Friend in Need

This is a beginning thread of texts shared by a group of my friends and I thought it was something that ought to be extended to a wider audience.

“Good morning . . . soooooo I have been feeling major changes over the last few days and am once again feeling so down and so alone I was going to ask you all to send me some good vibes … and then I thought, we are all probably feeling this absolute hopelessness, anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness . . . and I thought how awesome it would be if we collectively just sent positive loving vibes to each other . . . these vibes would then not only uplift us, but there would be a ripple effect of sending it out to there . . . to everyone.”

That text lead to responses from each member of the group that validated the original author’s feelings and offered support. In the end I think we all benefited from our friend in need who bravely reached out to be heard.

Anyone who’s reading this blog post and feels as my friend did this morning reach out if you can, but if you can’t know that there are positive loving vibes being sent out for you. We all need something uplifting right now.

So here’s an idea that I thought could also create a ripple effect. What if during the more frequent walks we’re all taking, we each take a picture of some sign of hope, or joy or beauty that we notice and send it to a friend or a family member? It might help us feel more connected in this disconnected though always online world.

Here’s a pic I took on my walk with my husband and son, the soon to be class of 2020 HS graduate. Talk about positive loving vibes.

Stay well, Jan

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