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In the here and now . . .

Its a place where most children are quite comfortable being. Wherever they are and whatever they are presently involved in is their focus. I see it everyday as a teacher for pre-school aged children. And so I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the picture book HERE and NOW, by Julia Denos and illustrated by E.B. Goodale in hopes that you will go check it out yourself and share it with others.

A lovely picture book
dedicated to showing
children what it means
to be present.

Right here right now, you are reading this book. That’s the first line of HERE and NOW. The author and illustrator take their readers on a journey that starts where they are with the book in their hands and gently extends out to explore the earth and the many, many things that are happening around the reader while they are reading. My favorite one is pictured below.

An idea is blooming.

All of the happenings occur as the child is involved in the act of reading and through that simple activity the child is becoming. The last image expresses the perception we all hope that children can hold onto as they grow and develop.

Right here, right now, YOU are becoming.
Isn’t that wonderful!

At the end of the book is an authors note that discusses the origins of the book, what meditation means to the author, and the awareness (that of noticing with senses wide open) that she’d like to encourage her audience to engage in.

Go check it out, and let me know what you think.

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