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Catching up is hard to do . . .

One week left in January and I’m still catching up from the holidays which is why I haven’t posted in the past few weeks.

Between the start up of school, and the creation of a proposal for a magazine that needed a bibliography, samples of writing etc., edits on an early chapter book, the heady excitement of a picture book manuscript acceptance offer from a publisher, getting my daughter set and back to college, trying to keep up with Storystorm, Tara Lazar’s challenge to create a picture book idea for every day in January see taralazar.com and her blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them), beginning the 12x12challenge.com though I’m not ready for its first manuscript deadline which is . . .Yikes-this Friday, annual review reports (those of you in special ed. know what I mean) that are due at the same time quarterly progress reports are due and . . .oh my weekly blog posts. Yikes!

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As you can tell, I’m still working on catching up, which is manifest in this post being written and published. Check, one thing done.

But nagging at the base of my brain is the mentor text I want to type over to get a feel for its flow and specific word count. Hopefully it will help me to continue editing a relatively new story (its a reworking of an older idea) that was finished in rough draft around the holidays and was only looked at again yesterday.

Once I dummied it out I found out its way over the 32 page picture book limit. Yikes, and more Yikes.

But its a work in progress, I keep telling myself, it’ll get there just have to keep working on it. That goes for all of the other above mentioned to do’s on my post list. Writing them out in a run-on sentence doesn’t look as threatening to me as a vertical list. Am I the only one who thinks this? Not sure if I want to know the answer to that one.

So, like Dory does in Nemo I’m just gonna, keep swimming, keep swimming. Thanks for the swimming lessons Mom. I didn’t appreciate them then, but I do now!

Photo by Jim De Ramos on Pexels.com

How have you been doing with catch up? Any suggestions on how to make it easier??


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