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First Things First

Firsts are hard, first day of school, first day as the new person anywhere, first time meeting someone, etc. They’re filled with the fear of the unknown and a generalized anxiety. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to act? When am I supposed to do whatever it is that is expected? And what is that?

Now that I’ve written my first paragraph, on my first blog post, which is actually not my first ever blog post, just the first in my reinvention of my blog, I feel better. Long sentence short- it’s done. So it’s time to move onto second breakfasts, as Peregrine Took would say.

This blog is a reinvention of a similarly focused blog that I let lapse. Why’d I let it lapse? Truth is I like privacy, and I’m actually a little uncomfortable with social media, so after getting feedback from people reading my blog I got scared. Which must seem strange to anyone reading this. Even though I feel the way I do, kinda sorta not sure I want to share, the world at large does not. Truth be told, in this instance I’m a hypocrite. I don’t mind reading others blogs and tweets, I just mind putting myself out there.

But ,if I want to be a writer, a published known entity type of writer, I’m supposed to have a brand (what is that exactly? It reminds me of a label. And I always thought labels weren’t good . . . ), a platform. So, I started with twitter, not sure I’ve gotten the hang of hashtags, I’ve dabbled a little with instagram and now here I am. Onto another platform . . . Why do I think I’m at the end of a narrow board waiting for the courage or someone behind me to give me the push to make the death defying dive? WHOA!!! I meant a figurative push, not a literal one.

Here’s hoping the water’s deep enough!

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