First Listener


It’s always good to read your writing out loud, to hear how it flows or doesn’t, to hear the differences or lack there of in characters’ speech patterns.

Teddy’s heard all of my rough drafts, my works in progress, my polished manuscripts, my brainstorming ideas, my blog posts, you name it.  He’s heard the best of them and the worst.  I’ve even asked  him to come up with a few ideas when I was stumped.  Although he never did, I knew that he always agreed with my perspective on things. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Teddy was my creative companion ever patient with my thought and writing process. If I was at a transition point for which I didn’t know which way  was the right way to go, or at an ending which wasn’t working, or if I was confused about just how a character would behave, I’d talk it out and Teddy listened.

Once I’d finished Teddy would suggest we get a snack- his favorite part of the writing process.  Then he’d look up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and I knew I’d figure it out, whatever the “it” might be, after all Teddy believed I would and I couldn’t let him down.

Sadly, my first listener, Teddy, fondly nicknamed Teddy Bear, passed away two days ago.  I’ll always miss him.



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