Are you kidding me?

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I hit the submit button, I did.  Absolutely, positively, most definitely!

I mean I thought I did.

Didn’t I?

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So, you can guessed what happened.   Please listen up, so this doesn’t happen to any  one else, although I have a feeling it probably has.

One day while minding my own business a glorious email popped itself into my mailbox.  It had to do with the word Yes-such a splendid word.

An agent, liked my submission and wanted to see more.  A whoop was heard throughout the house.  Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes!

I had to read it a couple of times, just to make sure.

Here’s where the story gets dicey.  In my excitement to deliver the “more” that was asked of me.  I reread, tweaked, revised and submitted not one, not two, but three picture book manuscripts.  I was told later that that was a bit too overexcited a move.  Note to self-one manuscript per submission-anyway, I waited.

Its important to the story to note that my first submission to this agent was responded to   in two days time.  That being said I waited, one week, two weeks, four weeks . . . you’ve got the picture.

As time went on I checked the agency’s site to see if they had the stipulation of if you don’t hear from us forgetaboutit, but alas they didn’t and so I waited some more.

Two months, three, four, let’s try six months go by.  Yes six months.

And then I get an email from query tracker saying that they’ve received word from agents who are questioning query tracker as to why they haven’t received responses from authors that they’ve requested manuscripts from and so of course I check the query trackers online submission form and low and behold my submission wasn’t there.

It Wasn’t There!


After much gnashing of teeth, I  realized it was a second chance, so I revised tweaked and resubmitted one manuscript. In fact I just did and I did it on my birthday because I think that’s lucky, at least I hope it is, it better be, please let it be . . . and I received notification that the submission uploaded.  Why oh why didn’t I look for that the first time?

A word to the wise- check, recheck, double check . . . come to think of it I’ve gotta go check.

Good luck!

Has this every happened to you?  Let me know your submission stories.

’til soon,





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