Rewrite Yourself


Graduation Time! Celebrations! An Ending and a Beginning. You might feel elated and panicked at the same time. My daughter is at this juxtaposition. A time at which she can, if she choses to, rewrite herself, her plans and who she is.

And that got me thinking, when we as writers come to the end of a piece we’ve been working on we have in a way graduated. We’re ready to move on and rewrite how we write, perhaps try another genre, topic, theme.

But sometimes we get bogged down or boxed in, for many different reasons. That goes for every human person,those who are writers and for those who aren’t, no matter what stage of life’s journey we’re in and where our path is presently leading us.

So today I’m suggesting a writing challenge that celebrates change and that encourages rewrites both the literary kind and/or the reality based. The rest is up to you.

Ponder this. If you had the power to rewrite history you’d . . .

I can’t wait to read your rewrites.  I’ll be working on mine.

‘Til soon, Jan


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